It is very important for us to review the general condition of all my patients in order to obtain an overall health assessment. For this assessment I will review your medical and dental histories, radiographs, study models and photographs as necessary to provide you with the absolute best solution.

By carefully reviewing your medical history, I will determine any potential problems and make recommendations for an overall treatment plan that may include other dental professionals. My main goal as a Prosthodontist is to provide you with an improved appearance, comfort, confidence, self-esteem and better quality of life.
Preventive Dental Hygiene and Care

The emphasis in prevention and education in cosmetic, prosthetic and implant dentistry is essential to this new era of dentistry. As a result, we place a high importance on informing and educating our patients on different techniques and the latest materials and equipment. As a healthcare provider, my commitment to you is to provide cutting-edge service and information related to dental hygiene care. For the very best long-term results, you will be informed on how to provide quality oral hygiene at home. Together, with scheduled follow-up appointments, you will achieve the highest degree of satisfaction. Your smile is our business!
Education & Motivation

We provide a long range of methods to help inform and educate you which include: Intraoral cameras, patient education brochures, implant education programs, web sites linking to the American College of Prosthodontics, and providing as much information as you need to help you have a clear understanding of the overall treatment plan and the restoration process. Our philosophy is to treat our patients as family and offer extraordinary patient care.



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