Ask your Dentist in Daytona Beach About the Fertility-Oral Health Link

Visiting a dentist can help prevent all of these to happen. You and your partner should have your mouth checked for possible gum disease. Also, when you inform the dentist that you are trying to conceive, they can avoid prescribing medicine that could possibly affect your fertility. A trusted Ormond Beach dentist can also give you advice on how to keep your mouth healthy, whether before, during, and after pregnancy.

If you and your partner are having trouble building a family, have a dentist check on your teeth. A good oral health not only improves chances of pregnancy, but also your overall health.


Crowns Installed by a Dentist in Daytona Beach Restore Damaged Teeth

“Besides stopping tooth decay, a dental crown may also be used to cap a broken or discolored tooth. The crown can protect the broken tooth from factors that can trigger sensitivity, and conceal stains and discolorations. Most porcelain crowns may be colored to match the rest of the teeth while hiding imperfections.

Dental crowns can be installed painlessly with the right anesthetics. However, those with more serious dental fears might want to go to a trusted Daytona Beach dentist, like Amy Vera, DDS, who administers IV sedation. This guarantees a relaxed and anxiety free session that can put an end to an excruciating toothache caused by tooth decay.”

Let a Skilled Ormond Beach Dentist Take Care of Your Oral Health.

Regular visits to your dentist ensures that everything is fine with your teeth and gums. To get the most out of your checkups with a dentist in Daytona Beach, such as with Dr. Anny B. Vera, take time to find one in your locality with whom you can feel comfortable. A dentist that only seems to aggravate your nerves with every visit will only make things more stressful for you.

Dentists typically schedule a regular checkup every six months; however, special cases can be scheduled according to need. An interval of every three months is offered to those who may need more care and attention with their case. The basic rule of thumb is that the healthier your teeth and gums are, the longer the time you may allow yourself before the next checkup.

Weighing the Option of Getting Implants from a Daytona Beach Dentist

“Even though the U.S. market for dental implants is exponentially growing, some people have yet to realize that having missing teeth is a serious matter. Some Daytona Beach locals with gaps in their teeth may think that they don’t need a Daytona Beach dentist as long as they can still enjoy their favorite meals and desserts. However, missing teeth can also lead to the loss of jaw bone height, jaw and neck muscle strain, and premature aging.

Dental implants can help prevent the negative effects of having missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium posts that are implanted into a person’s jaw bone, and which will later serve as the foundation for crowns. Dental implants from a dependable Daytona or Ormond Beach dentist are the closest thing a person can get to having natural, healthy teeth, although bridges and dentures are good teeth replacement options as well.”

Only Trusted Daytona Beach Dentist Should Perform Dental Procedures

“Americans would strongly benefit in many ways from a high court decision in favor of the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners. Procedures like teeth whitening should only be left to the likes of a trusted Daytona Beach dentist as they went through the proper training and education, and has acquired professional licenses and years of medical experience under their belt. Ruling otherwise would set a bad precedent and would only put the safety of patients on the line.

People can be assured that having only dentists whiten and clean their teeth means that they are always in safe hands. A reliable Daytona Beach dentist understands the science and physiology of the oral cavity and of the human head. Their services, after all, are offered not only for aesthetic purposes, but most importantly, to improve oral health.”

A Daytona Beach Dentist Enlightens You on the Root Canal Treatment

Patients who have undergone root canal cleaning will experience pain after the procedure. Dentists usually provide medications and antibiotics to lessen that pain and prevent infections from reoccurring. On the part of the patients, it is best to have post-treatment check-ups to make sure that the root canal is successfully cleaned and no more infections build up after.


The root canal procedure is one of the most effective methods an Ormond Beach dentist, like Dr. Anny B. Vera, DDS, practices to help their patients have healthier teeth. Trust in such dentists and the procedure, and you can be sure your oral health will be in good hands.

Seek Help from a Daytona Beach Dentist for Proper Denture Maintenance

Dentures are one of the usual options a dentist in Daytona Beach will recommend to his patients to replace missing teeth. While there are new methods that have gained popularity in this field, such as dental implants, dentures remain one of the most effective and less expensive teeth replacement methods.

The concerns with the use of dentures can be solved with proper maintenance, including regular consultations with a trusted Daytona Beach dentist, like Dr. Anny Vera or Dr. Gladston Silva. Once users’ facial features have changed due to aging, their dentures may need to be replaced or adjusted to improve the fit with their mouths. Some of the teeth in dentures may also get damaged over time, and will need replacement or repair.