Gear up for the Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It is an accepted fact among dental practitioners that permanent teeth will move into various degrees of alignment as they erupt during the formative years. However, one class of teeth is not that “cooperative” in moving into position: the wisdom teeth. A cone-beam or X-ray scan at your local dentist may reveal that the wisdom teeth erupted at odd angles in relation to the rest of the teeth. The data may recommend an extraction at the earliest opportunity, but how do you even prepare for it?

You have the leeway to ask your dentist about several items before committing to the procedure. For instance, you must find out if the professional will extract just one subject tooth or all the wisdom teeth, incurring a risk of nerve damage, and whether general or local anesthetics will be used. You may be advised to fast the night before the operation, as well as to avoid certain medications.

Have a loved one accompany you to and from the practice on the day of the operation. You may need some cold packs ready as soon as you are discharged. You should buy the most effective painkiller medication available over the counter, even if your dentist might not prescribe anything. Designate a rest area at home and take a few days off work.

Taking a wisdom tooth out will be vital if you’ve had problems with brushing. It will certainly prevent any impact damage. 


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